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Buying Morels online

Morel Mushroom Price: Where to Buy Morels and For How Much

There are many people who rave over the taste of what is known as the Morchella mushroom. Many of these people live for the morel season as the price of morels tends to be quite high. You can hunt for these mushrooms or grown them yourself but what happens when you want them out of season or aren’t seeing any results with your cultivation? You may have to resort to buying online as these mushrooms are not always sold in marketplaces.

What a bliss it is to relish in the taste and aroma of cooked morel mushrooms. One is sure to get hooked to the table if these are served. It is best served under cooked sautéing in olive oil or butter whichever suits you. The world of food is incomplete without this great and unique mushroom.


The cost of Morchella mushrooms per pound

Average Morel Mushroom Price per Pound

Well as already mentioned, it is not an easily cultivated or conveniently found mushroom in any market. It is fairly hard to find, and it takes hard plus lots of time to see any results when growing them yourself. They are found during the peak season which is from March to May. However, nowadays the shop owners and departmental stores have taken to keeping dried forms of morel mushrooms. Morel Mushroom price is higher than expected due to their elusive nature. Many people prefer eating it fresh. However, this isn’t always an option when buying morels online.

The average price, therefore, may vary from $30 to $74 per pound. As they say, if quality speaks, no matter what the price is, mushroom lovers will not mind spending the money.


cost of spores

Price of Morel Mushroom Spores

It goes without saying that when the fruit bears the cost, there is no doubt the spores will not differ much. Before we know the price, we need to know that there are a number of spores for different types of morels. Depending on your taste, you may prefer one over the other.



  • Morel patch starter spore : The price of this spore can vary from $18 to $25
  • Yellow morel spore: The price varies from $10 to $15
  • Black morel spore: This again is less expensive when compared to the two mentioned above. It ranges from $9 to $12

Apart from these, there are morel mushroom starter kits, 100 organic maitake mushroom plugs, shiitake mushroom spores and much more. In short, it can be assumed that if you have a budget of $10 to $40, you can easily get one of those morel mushroom spores and start cultivation in your own garden.


Growing Kit

Apart from the spores, there are growing kits to which can be brought either from stores or online and utilized to make a beautiful mushroom bed in your yard. If you have a plot of soil that is usable, then you are ready. And you will benefit in two ways – you will eventually have Morchella growing in your back yard and secondly these mushrooms support the growth of other plants in your garden.

Visitors will definitely be envious of you. With mushroom in your garden, you can also enjoy the adventure of hunting for mushrooms during the peak season with friends and family.


Where to find them online?

The price of morels is a secondary factor; lovers hardly care for it. What they want is the availability every season. So food lovers who can’t wait to be embraced by the aroma and magic of morel mushroom can browse through many online sites and get them delivered to the doorsteps. The most popular ones are Amazon and Ebay. Apart from those two, there are other websites too. is another website where you can order the yummy mushroom. Some other names can be,, and These are just a few names. You can research and find much more that are yet to be explored.